Csaba Fehérvári

Csaba Fehervari

Csaba Fehervari


Passion, dedication, humility

The love of rallye

Rallye is a love of mine which has been lasting for 33 years now. My first race I have experienced  in  my mother’s  womb and I can still recall memories sitting in my father’s lap turning the steering wheel as we  drove along in our family zsiguli. In my childhood local rally races were part of our family-life, later – as most young boys – I decided I would become a racing driver.

Teenage years

During my teenage years I got diverted from the races. Then waterpolo meant to me the same as rallye today. After having finished my university studies building my carrier took all my time, but my childhood dream still lived on in me.

More than devotion

One lucky day I had the chance to meet Tomi Szeleczky, whom I already saw many times at races and I even rooted for him earlier. With his help I got really close to the world of car races. My first time as a navigator was in a FORD ESCORT WRC and he was the person who got me started as a pilot in the world of racing. Through Tomi I got to know many talented racers and enthusiastic, dedicated sportspeople from whom I learnt many things later on. Among others there was the “tough-guy from Pécs” Zsolti Lajtai, the bass guitarist Peti Torok, the Ranga Family and my co-driver: Dani Gonda.

The Decision

The decision came soon: Rallye sport   was to become my life… Since 2008 we have been participating in the rallye sprint races in Pécs with a Ford Sierra Cosworth racing car, then in 2013 we decided to think big and took a brave step: we started collecting kilometers in the National Rallye Championship. I think as a racer I am still facing many lessons I have to learn and many kilometers I have to drive but I am proud that thanks to the devotion and my team, today I can be among the number one racers in the country.

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